Tuesday, February 1, 2011

jgn kte leka tme for that!!!


di kala media msia sibuk ngan kiash fasha sandha yg x berkesudahan , brite penindasan tehdap rakyat(oh sgt lali dgn brite cmni) , baby disposal, plus politik yg whatever lah , rmi rakyat kte kt mesir tu ape org nk care sal drg?media pn nk xnk je's like 'do we have to care?' urghh xtawla nk ckp ape..but i pray that one day msia xkn sebuk2 dh psl artis, hiburan yg over, idea camane nk kerah rkyt, n bla bla bla( yg xsdp ddgr la) n lbh fokus kt camne nk setelkn mslh dlm negare ni dgn mengaplikasikan Islam agame yg syumul!

P/S: peristiwa kt mesir membuatkan aku tertanye dh tbe mase ke islam akn bangkit semula? dan dan semakin hamprkah kte ngan hari ITU??

Monday, January 24, 2011


yes, i am a str8 foward person
kalo ada anytg yg sy cakap atau cara perkongsian ilmu saya is too direct or xbtul
xkrela sama ada kt fb or anywhere la
pliz dont hesitate to come n talk in front of me
i want to know too where i go wrong..

dedicated to the person i concerned...

I'd experienced many bad things n i dont want the same happens to u...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New day n New hope :)

I take myself out from the darkness into the light
Hoping that i would be able to get the only thing i want in this life
the most precious thing that i ever wanted
thing that can never be given by anyone
can never be purchased at any places
can never be dug from the soil
can never be seen by the eyes
can never be felt physically
can never be heard

even though struggling hard to get it
the results give me countless happiness in me
and countless satisfaction that can not be expressed with words!
But, even it is hard to get but it is easy to fade

My final hope, i would be able to hold on tightly with what i had found and never let go of it...