Saturday, July 31, 2010

nasihat bgune

salam sume..wahh napaknye dh lame sgt aku xupdate..

mane taknye intenet kt uia sgtlah slow n ape yg pntg mase nk update2 ni dah berlalu.

cewah..xle bla..

as a famacy student yg blagak sibuk n blagak bnyk kje n pack class .

mcm2 lg la hmm mmg xde chan nk bloging2..

xpela staun skali pn jadila..emm tujuan ak tulis entri ni saje je nak luahkan yang


sbbnye ak xdpt nk enjoy lgsg ngn fmly aku

pastu pastu ble sress ak akan terrrrrmarah adik aku yg xbape nk comel tu..

*hihi korg jgn serang akak ea pasni*

haih pastu mule la gadoh2 ngan sumone juz sbb ak xde tmpt nk luahkan rse germ ak terpkse tempiaskan kemarahan aku kt dy..

hmm lg la rse besalah sgt2..


xsengaje la.. emosi xbpe nk stabil mase tuu..

cayelah cakap aku ni..wuuuu T__T

ha kesimpulan yg aku dpt, kalo nk blek uma, campak jaoh2 sume keje

*err maksud ak siapkan ape2 yg patt dlu*

xyahlah menyusahkan diri bwk blek sume keje n then ngan memberatkan beg lg pastu bahu ko plak terkehel sbb bwk muatan overload n then ble bahu terkehel xle plak ko nk idop ngn sempurna..n then n then then ..erk pk la sdri..

hmm dahla ak nk smbg keje ni..

Ya Allah , mudahkanlah urusanku ini.Amin~

Saturday, July 17, 2010



tengah rancak online ni sebab br dapat wifi

tibe tibe




terjenguk mende ni kat tingkap aku

time tu dahla tak pakai spek

mase mula2 tgk tu cm plik la gak apasal lak ad org kt tgkap tu *mati2 igt org padahal blik tgkat 4.*

ak trus halaw nseb bek la dy bkn jenis menyerang

abeh la aku kene berperang ngan d plak karang

senjata dala xde

sian ak taw ko lapa

tp ak kalo bg ko nt ko slalu plak jadi tetamu VIP aku

tula payahnya

hmm pape pn ak arap ko xjenguk lagi ke bilik ak ye..

ak takot ngan ko..hihihi


Friday, July 16, 2010

procedure to uia(only for those who're unable to fly)


1.aply online + send all the documents to the office

2. wait for the offer letter(some get as early as few months b4 registration while some get it as late as 1 week b4 registration - depends on how lucky u r)

3. go for registration at the main campus in gombak(if u get to go there) together with the international students *p/s: dont get shock if u c too many foreigner over there.u r actually in d right place*

4.go for orientation for 1 week(this is 4 d international students only but if u feeel u want to go, just go on no one stop u)

5.another 1 week of orientation( this is for the ex-cfs n it is compulsory to go or else u will be re taaruf) *p/s: d most horrible week as u r like lost in sumwhere *

6.thru d week, u willl keep asking on




7.Then, u will have to hear a tonnes of briefing which is so interesting..

8.sit for English placement test( if u have ielts /toefl, u r lucky as u 'll b exempted)

9.sit for arabic placement test( must have strong arabic basic) *p/s: only 2 level is needed but if u get 0 level, means u have to do arab for 2 semesters*

10.sit for tilawah placement test, exempted only for those can read well n also memorize few surahs

11.sit for FKT(fundamental knowledge test..asking about basic fardhu ains) to kuantan on the nex week(when class has started. oh my wht was that 4??? pliz don ask one can answer that even d officer)

13.once arrive go to register mahalah( if u go by uia bus, u 'll just be left out like that.wIth no one to guide u..never ask d driver wht u should do once arrived.he has no fact , he ''ll ask u back..GUYS,PLIZ REMEMBER UNI IS A PLACE WHERE U DO IT ALL ALONE!!

14.for pharmacy student, go to the faculty n then inform bout ur presence there. in my case, the officer didnt know at all that there will b a direct intake stdent for that course.luckily, she accepted n will try to help us..ALHAMDULILLAH!, u will have to b fit. since u 'll have to go to few places 4 so many times. the places r:


-once got the exempted slip show it to tht officer or else u'll have to take EAP which is emm i dunno wht to my case,theres a misunderstanding in this matter..TILL NOW, WE DONT KNOW WETHER WE SHULD TAKE EAP OR NOT..(xmo amekkk..waaaaa!)

-ask bout ur tilawah class+ arabic class here (in our case, it hasnt b settles till now)


ask bout ur cousrse registration( in my case, i cant register till now bcoz of d very clever system that make me 'easy' to log in.


ask d officer anything u want -she's very frendly n willing to help.she even register my course 4 me..


what am i trying to say here is that if u want to register for uia, make sure u're strong inside n outside. bcoz, many problems will arise n u urself 'll have to face it..sumtimes , u can cry bcoz of it.. frankly speaking,the system here is not that efficient n they( gombak n kuantan) are hardly link u 'll need to explen the same thing in gombk as well in kuantan.tiring though..

and to all my juniors in AUSMAT programme , for now dont ever give up yet..but if u've tried ur best but u still cant fly, there must b a reason. honestly, even the situation here is quite chaotic, but i love the environment here..u''ll get nearer to HIM as u stay here..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ain oo ain *geleng kepala*

di satu malam yang hening dtemani zikir2 yang indah, ada 2 orang sedang duduk.Yang sorang ngah buat keje skolah yang sorang lg plak tgk si adik melihat keje skolahnya..

sesi bahasa arab

kakak: ain, maktabatun tu libry kan?

ain: ntah mane ain tau...(sambil berpaling membuat latihan sains nye)

kakak: haa btulla kan..tengok ada gambar libry niiii maktabatun( aku dengan sonoknye )

ain:haaah, ain tau saje je buat buat xtau....(dgn muke selamba)


sesi sains:

si kakak sedang melihat lihat keje adiknya

kakak: eh?? cane ain eja elephant ni??

ain:ELEPHANT laaa..

kakak melihat lg kepada buku adiknya yang bertulisan ELIPHANNT kemudian menghala pandangan ke muka adiknye..

ain:btulla ni ain wat..E L E P H A NT (sambil memadam ejaan sebelum ni yang salah)


sesi matematik

kakak: eh , 8+3=11 kan eigt plus three equals eleven?? (tapi di buku tercatat eight plus five)

ain: btullaaaaa ain wat!!! cube tengok ni... (sambil tunjukkan bukunye kapeada si kakak)

si kakak tengok balik upenye, btulla si kata2 kakak ni..
kali ni, baru si ain prsan salah dy dan tersengih sengih..haih x nak ngaku plak salah dy..hahahahahah

NY daily news reporting on d Young Imam

On Malaysia's religious reality show 'Imam Muda', 10 young men compete to be next top Muslim leader
Sunday, June 27th 2010, 8:05 PM

via FacebookA scene from the television show "Imam Muda" from its Facebook page, which boasts nearly 30,000 followers.

via FacebookTaufek Noh, a motivational speaker and contestant competing on the television show "Imam Muda."

Reality TV shows have crowned stars in every field imaginable, minting new top models, singers, chefs, designers, and even hair stylists -- but can the same formula work to create a religious leader?

In Malaysia, one cable station hopes the answer is yes.
A new show called "Imam Muda" or "Young Leader", now halfway through its 10-week run, pits 10 young men against each other in the quest to become Malaysia's next top imam, The Associated Press reports.

An imam plays a broad role in Muslim society, leading prayers as well as helping to counsel problems within his community. So in lieu of runway walk-offs or quickfire cooking challenges, contestants on this reality show compete in religious-based challenges to test their leadership potential.

For the first challenge, the men performed traditional Muslim ablutions on corpses at a morgue that had gone unclaimed for weeks, later burying the bodies in accordance with Islamic rites. In later episodes, the men joined a police crackdown on teenage motorcyclists and cried as they counseled unmarried pregnant women at a women's shelter.

"This is not like other programs that have no religious values," the show's chief judge - and former prayer leader at Malaysia's national mosque - told the AP. "We have no shouting or jumping. We provide spiritual food. We're not looking for a singer or a fashion model."
The show debuted to great popularity in Malaysia, which is one of the world's most progressive Muslim nations. The producers say "Imam Muda" is the most-watched program ever on its Islamic-themed cable channel, and a Facebook page dedicated to the show has nearly 30,000 fans.

"We try not to miss a single episode, because we find that we learn new things about our religion," Fauziana Ismail, a 25-year-old nurse, told the AP. Ismail says she watches the show with her husband and his parents every week.

"These young imams are modern, and we need that. Muslims these days are very progressive," Hafizul Fadly, a 27-year-old shipping analyst and fan of the show, said to the Wall Street Journal. "After 9/11, it's good for us to show the true picture of Islam."

The show's producers say their aim is to find a leader who will connect with young Malaysians, keeping religion relevant for a generation immersed in Western pop culture.
And the top prizes, just like the show, straddle both worlds: an all-expenses paid pilgrimage to Mecca, and a car. Other prizes include a job as a prayer leader in a major mosque, a scholarship to a Saudi Arabian university, and about $6400 in cash and a laptop.

The AP reports that more than 1,000 men auditioned for the show, who were then tested on their knowledge of Islam and current affairs. That group was whittled down to 10 attractive young men between the ages of 18 and 27, including students, a bank officer, a farmer, and a cleric.

"We want to prove that our young Muslim Malaysians can keep up with the times," Izelan Basar, the show's creator and manager of the cable channel, told the AP. "We chose the brightest, most devout men for this program — young men whom our female viewers now want for their husbands or sons-in-law."

During the competition the men are isolated in a hostel on the grounds of a mosque in Kuala Lampur, where they are prohibited from watching TV, reading newspapers, or surfing the Internet. So far only two contestants have been eliminated, but five weeks remain before the live finale.

"Imam Muda" isn't the first time Malaysia has attempted a religious-based reality show, but it is the most popular. Past attempts like "Akademi Al Quran," in which participants trained to learn how to recite Quranic verses, were met with much less enthusiasm.
Taufek Noh, a motivational speaker competing for the top imam title, is taking the opportunity very seriously.

On June 12 he was allowed to leave the show's quarantine to marry his fiancee, but he returned to the sequestered company of his fellow competitors after just one night.
"My new wife and I are sad to be separated, but we accept that it is Allah's will for us," he told the AP. "If it is also Allah's will for me to win, then we will be thankful."