Tuesday, June 29, 2010

is dis for real????

salam guys..
ok, today im goin to use english for my entry dis time since u know y??
I'M GOING TO HAVE EPT (english placement test) next week!! i never thought i would sit for any language exams anymore* after IELTS N MUET..huh*
but what to do, u want it or not ,
*oooh, is that a sigh ?hahaha..i cant think properly ........for now i mean*
I was thinking why dont they juz accepted the IELTS result ??y do we have to do so many tests? what? do you guyz think that our result is not gud enuf? or do you gyz think our capability in speaking. writing or what so ever in english is not consistently good n u have to test us for many times?
*00ps mebe i over reacted n ok ok i shouldnt have sighed rite..not very good indeed*
actually its ok if this test are to be carried out. but to think d risk, wow it really stress me a little..
fail to pass dis test n u r grounded in UIA GOMBAK for 1 SEMESTER.
wow , now i think i really will waste my time if i failed* guys, pray me not to fail ok..AMIN*
that doesnt stress me much..but have u heard of APT which stands for
dis is really gonna make my head blown for re-memorising back arabics that i had left almost 5 years ago..
@_@..huuu..starting to cry T_T
but its ok, i'll try my best to do it..*kite bole kan elly..weee*
sori no entry in arabic coz i really not gud in writing fact i forgot most of them
to add up, we are also going to have TPT*i think its TPT/ TT ..emm sumtg like that*
it stands for Tilawah testwhere i dunno mebe we r asked to recite quran or sitting for tajwid test..
oo yeah, i really hope they wont ask about qiraat or tarannum..*i totally lost the memory..T_T*
fuhh , stdying everytg in only for few days, that doesnt stress u much isnt it?


€LLy said...

hooyeahhh! kite boleh! malaysia boleh! uia boleh! FT boleh! err haha

nab said...

ha wht??? FT?? oopes unreconizable..hahahahaha