Friday, May 21, 2010

yucksssss!! piggy piggy busukkk


this is the worse things that had happened to me..fuhh nk ak kate dok oversea xpon tp it still

happened..haha..but it is my mistake too.i didn't observe carefully before i buy sumting..n i

admit that is one of my weaknesses..kikiki..the story is like this,last few days i went to a mall

nearby and i was looking for a a small n cute prse that can fit all my cards n money..the old one

was too small n it is not very suitable for putting a lot of i decide to find a new,

while i was walking my eyes cought sumting nice n perfect .so i rush to the shop there n grab it

(actually xyah rush pn sbb xde org lg kt kedai tu nk brebut ngn aku..haha)what more it is only kalo xbeli mmg rugilaaaa..

so,as i look(just look gitu2 je), i didn't realise that the inner part of the purse was made of P to

the I to the G skins..i only realise it when i look at it in 2 days later n plus under the light(cause

the time i bought it the place was gloomy)while looking at it i saw 3 spots in one area n there are

many of them..i was like omg is this myself cannot believe it!!!

so i ask my father bout it n he said 'mcm ye je ni'..hoho..rugi rugi..then i have to samak my hands

becoz i dont remember wether i hold it with wet hands or better i samak..i cant eat with

my hands that had touch that pink things!!!since there is no more fresh land at my house ,i had

to dig it from the hills at the end of the road..poor things..huhuhu..

so, if u guys want to know how the skin looks like , here i put in one picture so tht we can be

more alert nex time n for your info not only purse, they can be anywhere including ur shoes or if there are any items that are cheaper than it suppose to be, WATCH OUT!!


~PURSE THT I BOUGHT *D BLACK ONE BUT SMALLER LIKE THIS SIZE (looks like LV but not really..ngeh3)


€LLy said...

yuckssss geli kot..eeee

violet said...

hahaha..tawu xpeeeee..ish ak pn xtaw nk wtpe ngn beg tu..