Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me n Her

she is older but i am younger

she is more patient but i am not

she is toleratable but it is a no-no for me

she loves oldies kind of things but i prefer modern

she always intruct me on wht to do but i prefer to do sumthing on my own without being instructed

she prefers me to stay at home but i sometimes like to go out

she loves doing house chores but for me its 50/50

she prefers cooking but i prefer baking

she likes cheerful colours but i prefer mysterious n dull colours

she wants me to be perfect but i cant

she's unhappy while im happy

*too many differences make it hard to find the perfect similarities..
*too many differences sumtings make life more colourful
*too many difference can end up in fighting

question: can she b our frenz or remain as an adult that shuld b respect more than our frenz?

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1 comment:

seha hahaha said...

who is she?