Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My plan in furture..

salam sume..

since i have a lot of freeee times ,many things struck my head..

i think dis post will be personal so i hope no one cares what im going to write..LOL..

hmm wht will i do in future huh..

now im 20 so mebe in 4 years time i'll b able to finish up my degree in pharmcy..(hope within d 4 yers..huhu)

so 24- o yes i forgot i hve contract w d government..soi have to work wth them for 6 years i think..hope shorter than that..wuhuuu

oops that means i'll have to work w them till 30!!!! ohhhh tidaakkkk... doesn't mean i cant do other things rite..^_^

so mebe after 2 years working n saving money(within 26), i 'll be able to open up my own pharmacy..

but i'm not interested in modern medicine so mebe most of d products that i'll sell is not a

medicine but supplements..since i heard bout kels products in d market, i bcome more

interesting in joining such fact, these products r muslim made n for sure it fit d

quote' halalan toyyiban'..hehe. anyway it is good to have a business where u can help d other

muslims in finding good n halal other words i would also want to support

muslims's product!! GO GO GO MUSLIM!

at d same time i think im going to join d R n D group in developing more tht wuld b 30..

oh bout furthering studies..hmm master , i thnk i shuld take it whn im 30 or above..hehe..

then phd,im not sure bout it..mebe late 30 or sumthg..huhu..(tht can wait need to rush)

n yes bout marriage insyaallah if Allah will , i thnk i shld get marry in late 21 or early 22(dpends

on my partner)..p/s: marrying early doesnt mean ur dreams cant be achieved but insyallah

Allah will help u in evry obstacles u faced...hehe(talking to myself ok.nothing to do w u :P)

children?? hmm mebe 1 year after marriage..hehe(but i dont mind if its early..rezeki kot..hoho)

hmm i think that is enuf for now..if there r other plan i ;ll write later..

~all d plans are still in planning..only Allah knows d best for each of us..wallahua'lam


meme said...


€LLy said...

late 21??? haha biar btol ko nih
thn depan la kot wahwahwah jgn lupa invite ye..nt aku ngn seha jd pgapit kih3

violet said...

planning br korg..
doa2 la jadik..huhu..