Friday, July 10, 2009

Revenge of The 'azreeza'...

Salam guyz..
sori 4 not having post anytg 4 quite a long time..
well u know this wed i 'll hve chem test
n this friday, i'll hve CATS
on 21st i'll have IELTS speaking test..
other components will b on d 25th..
so...u undrstand rite.."}

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

well,my story tday is on az's surprise party..
we all gathered at KFC,mking surprise n really hve fun..
but d most unforgettable moment is when we mke a prank on her.
it was like this,,,
1st, we took her to d park blindfolded n we convince her tht thre would b another suprse awaiting her...hehe
yeah,at 1st she really dont want 2 follow us..
finally, aftr dayah's pujuk,she agree..
so, when we arrived at d park..
she was amazed w d candles spelling "happy birthday' along
d stairs tht hisyam & ted had put ..
but wait!!! i heard splashing sound..

of course la..she was attacked by d other 'enemies' w water balloon..
she tried 2 escape n calling for her glasses( coz b4 that we took of her glss..hihi)
we all were pity of her n so, we gave it to her la.
unexpectedly, she took d water balloon near her feet n threw us back!!!
we all run away as far as we can bt wow...
i never see her run that fast chasing us..
even during BTN..haha(no offense k :P)
d most funny part is when she's after fisha n seha..
both seems to run like there was a ghost chasing aftr them...
that's not d end..aftr tht ted just simply took a bag of flour n threw it all over az..
she's now almost like a ghost in d middle of the dark playground..
so, that's d summarize of my story..still got a lot to say bt tme is running away from me..

so,here's are some pictures to see:

(gurlish cake)

(ted, r u making a cute face??)

( d gud frenzz :)


(box of presentsssss)

(d classmatze)



( jom rmi2 SRG kfc!!)

(d stairs)

(after d attack)


NuT-pHoBic said...

ak nye blog da leh coment..

hisham@pawana said...

wow..hebat ye skrg..
dah ley komen lik...hehe
wey mekasih sudi ajak aku skali..
t kte pekena ang lak..
kasi menangisssssss..haha

NuT-pHoBic said...

nk knekn AK??
sbb bufday ak da lps..
ak da puas kne blg belon air sabun..
lg truk.:P
bday ko blom g kn????
haha..jge2 la ko..

ruffelly198 said...

ala... bestny!!!!

rugi x dpt join huhu..

erm, cake 2 nmpk cam sedap jer.. nyum2^^

NuT-pHoBic said...

mmg sodap pon..