Thursday, May 28, 2009

btn..what is it???

havent post anytg 4 quite a long tme huh.. maybe d only reason..:P

i juz wanna tell u bout my experience in btn last week..
it was on d 18th of may and overall....its ok la..
well, i juz want 2 tell u d most interesting part here..
4 me, i like it so much when we had our kembara..
its quite a long journey and whoa...tired too..
we had 2 pass d watery swamp and very slippery ground there..
(i slip 4 many times..huhu..embarassing)

and what more..d leaves in the forest doesnt like me so much..i guess :P..
i was pricked by thm evry time i passed thru..
but evryone seems ok..
uh..nvr mind..

wht else?
owh yeah...i also enjoy d "absling" (dunno d real spelling..huhu)
its a sport similar 2 rock climbing but instead of going up,
we go down w d help of a rope..
at 1st evryone seems so scared bt thn we all enjy it..
sum tried it 2x( especially catherine tht scream all ovr d place during d 1st trial..)

last bt not least,evnthough we loss 3/4 of our energy there,
we still find it interestg n cant wait 2 serve 4 our beloved country..


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