Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making 'ULAT'..:)

well salam 2 all of u..
haven't been posting anytg lately..
quite bz wif tests n quizs.. sad rite..

"our lab"

em well juz want 2 share my experience past few days..
we were doing on some experiment ..
guess what..
we made 'ulat'..
have u ever seen d ulat dat people can eat?
its white in colour n found in trees if im not mistaken la..
but normally sarawakian eat them..
no la its a nylon..
we made nylon n its rather interesting as i thought it
needs a lot of procedures n chemicals to form it..
but i was wrong,,
its so simple...

at first we didnt manage 2 get a lot of d nylon..
(coz we were doubt whether we put d rite solution o not..hehe)
n az kept telling " ak rse btol la ni"..huhu..
but still we were doubt of it n finally decided to make another 1...
but its ok..d chemicals-we didnt pay 4 it..
so ape lg...finish them all la..
but we r better compared 2 1 of my clsmate..
i think she wanna make a t-shirt out of nylon(she keep taking d chemicals for no purpose)
its true!!!!!...i saw does my group..
but no offence k..

so back 2 d experiment..
emmm..basically aftr we put all d solution togather, we were able 2 see a tumour kinda substances..
it is clear and like 'geli-geli' pn ad..
then, we pinch d products out n we get d nylon straight away..
its in strand form..
so we had 2 gulung2 d things using glassrod..
we were kinda excited untill dat tedi came n try to snap d nylon off..
so jealous la tedi ni..:P
but az come 2 d rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she relly did protected our 'ulat'..
n tedi didnt managed 2 put his hands on ours..

"our ulat"

dats d end..
finally we took pics with it..
(i think evryone did)

so later..

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