Wednesday, February 25, 2009

should i sigh? or shoudn't i???

well..tday im not really in a good mood..
um usual aftr u got d results 4 ur test, u will surely feel 'H' or D'
those who got good one for sure they will feel 'H'..
well 4 me.. u can guest that..

its not that i didn't try..
n me myself also dunno wat d problm is..
is it d way i study or is it im not enuf doing exercises????

i don wanna give up..
but i nearly did that just now...
yeah i realise that i shuld consider my parents dream...
not just their dream but mine too..
ok.wat i need 2 do now is not 2 gve up juz like dat..
there r still more tme 2 improve..
n within this tme i hope evrytg went well..
i hope i cn survive this competetive life...

n hope ill be gven d strength to make my way thru this "life test"...


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