Saturday, February 28, 2009

lets go to d lab!!!..:)

well actually im bit exhausted tonite..
ive been walking in n out of lab tday..

basically dis morning till noon me,elly n fish went 2 d lab 4 our research..
it is a lab for blood n urine testing ..
n we found dat our trip were quite worth it la..
(eventhough we were drowning wif sum problem just now)

so, we moved frm akasia at 8.30 n arrived 15 minutes later
our stomach were crying 4 food so we went 2 sum 'elite restaurant'
n nearly get choked with d 'so cheap price'...
never go there AGAIN after dis..(huhu)

fisha is so hungry..

then we headed 2 d lab at 9 as we had d appointmnt wif pn.yani at 9..
but wif sum reasons she couldn't make it n arrived 1 hour later..
we didnt get mad but instead we were thankful 2 her as she was willing 2 help ..
i dont think we should b angry wif d person dat wants 2 help us...rite?;)

clinitech machine-for ufeme test

at 10 precise, she came ...
then we were asked 2 wear our lab coat(actually not ours-just borrow ma):P
n entered d lab..
there we were entertained by one cute ' sister' (kak hani)n a quite good looking 'brother'(name-sayyid)
elly n me some sort of excited 2 see him but fisha wasnt at all
its just dat we were admiring him bcoz of his happy go lucky n friendly characteristic
but not falling in love with him..( its a no way 4 me huhu)
n both r 2 different things rite..:)

we n kak hani..

we n sayyid

okay lets stop bout dat ok..
n continue wif my research..heee
well overall, its a fun trip n we really gained sumting new tday..
n we also learned dat its not easy 4 sumone 2 do research..
d most important things we need is inner strength..
some sort of like kne pandai2 tebalkan muka la..
coz to gain d thing dat we want, we must b able 2 communicate wif evryone well n keep
asking untill we satsfy (actually untill d person got mad)-hahha..
its true..based on my experience k..:P( its so obvious)

yellow or browm??

blood grouping..

so dats all..
dont want 2 talk much..
d posted pic will tell u evrytg..
pnt lorr..
huhu..nite n salam...

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ruffelly198 said...

hehe..'brother' sayyid???
well..not bad lorr..
remember mr swarmi n mr bajjuo huhu