Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another hectic day.... not much things that we did in the class...
as usual....NEW topics, NEW homeworks that never end...(sigh)
but not to worry still can survive this..

oo yeah..
we did speaking in ielts class just now...
at 1st i was in az n nedD group then we move to teddy group n finally i ran to lye yee's group..
just to find new experience (yeah rite):P
n we talk n talk n talk untill the class end..
Lye yee sure got a lot of stories..
now i know how talkative she is..( sorry lye yee) hehe..:)

well among all the stories that she spluttered out, one did attract me..
know what, she once knocked down someone last year..
its not some 'one' as she told me she hit 2 persons at a time..
wow.. i was quite amazed..
2 persons at a time n both of them r kids!!!!!!
but luckily non of them died..:P

well umm..
i was also shocked to hear that elly (one of my classmate)
said that she also once got knocked down by a car..
she got fractured bone at the ear ..
we all felt horrible when she said that blood is 'flowing ' like water out of her ears..
n nothing more serious except for bruises n so on..
but what make we all dissatisfy is when the person that knock her just leave her like that...
(what a jerk)..
only came back to see her few days after the accident...
but still elly doesnt care..coz she still get some money from that guy..hehe..
rite elly???? :D

i think thats all...
next time 'll be back wif another news...
:) salam...

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ruffelly198 said...

yeah, u're rite but......
blood is 'flowing ' like water out of MY ears..????????
heheh memandai je tokok tambah cite..(^_^)