Saturday, February 28, 2009

lets go to d lab!!!..:)

well actually im bit exhausted tonite..
ive been walking in n out of lab tday..

basically dis morning till noon me,elly n fish went 2 d lab 4 our research..
it is a lab for blood n urine testing ..
n we found dat our trip were quite worth it la..
(eventhough we were drowning wif sum problem just now)

so, we moved frm akasia at 8.30 n arrived 15 minutes later
our stomach were crying 4 food so we went 2 sum 'elite restaurant'
n nearly get choked with d 'so cheap price'...
never go there AGAIN after dis..(huhu)

fisha is so hungry..

then we headed 2 d lab at 9 as we had d appointmnt wif pn.yani at 9..
but wif sum reasons she couldn't make it n arrived 1 hour later..
we didnt get mad but instead we were thankful 2 her as she was willing 2 help ..
i dont think we should b angry wif d person dat wants 2 help us...rite?;)

clinitech machine-for ufeme test

at 10 precise, she came ...
then we were asked 2 wear our lab coat(actually not ours-just borrow ma):P
n entered d lab..
there we were entertained by one cute ' sister' (kak hani)n a quite good looking 'brother'(name-sayyid)
elly n me some sort of excited 2 see him but fisha wasnt at all
its just dat we were admiring him bcoz of his happy go lucky n friendly characteristic
but not falling in love with him..( its a no way 4 me huhu)
n both r 2 different things rite..:)

we n kak hani..

we n sayyid

okay lets stop bout dat ok..
n continue wif my research..heee
well overall, its a fun trip n we really gained sumting new tday..
n we also learned dat its not easy 4 sumone 2 do research..
d most important things we need is inner strength..
some sort of like kne pandai2 tebalkan muka la..
coz to gain d thing dat we want, we must b able 2 communicate wif evryone well n keep
asking untill we satsfy (actually untill d person got mad)-hahha..
its true..based on my experience k..:P( its so obvious)

yellow or browm??

blood grouping..

so dats all..
dont want 2 talk much..
d posted pic will tell u evrytg..
pnt lorr..
huhu..nite n salam...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


nothing much happened today..
most of d time spent in college..
n bla bla tired to talk la..
its just d same routine i did evryday...

but i was unlucky a bit today...
coz my fingers cut with sumting dat i never expect...
its like this, i was trying 2 open a bottle of soya bean 4 breakfast...
i used d cover of d bottle 2 open it( as suggested by pipo n tedi)
yeah i did that...
but still i cannot get it open..

so i used my thumb instead...
i tried n tried untill its SUCCESS!!!!
yes... glad dat finally manage 2 but then...
oo eyes cought sumting red in the bottle..
i was just trying 2 sip the cold soya bean when i suddenly saw sumting red in it..
i was like.."oops..where's dat come from"
i put d bottle down n saw my thumb was stained red..
omg.. my thumb cut..
but dat doesnt matter..
i only care bout my precious soya bean dat i haven't tste it at all...
it cost rm1.60 u know..
n i just have 2 dumped it just like dat..
yeah i know dat doesnt cost much but still it is a money ...

dats 4 today..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

should i sigh? or shoudn't i???

well..tday im not really in a good mood..
um usual aftr u got d results 4 ur test, u will surely feel 'H' or D'
those who got good one for sure they will feel 'H'..
well 4 me.. u can guest that..

its not that i didn't try..
n me myself also dunno wat d problm is..
is it d way i study or is it im not enuf doing exercises????

i don wanna give up..
but i nearly did that just now...
yeah i realise that i shuld consider my parents dream...
not just their dream but mine too..
ok.wat i need 2 do now is not 2 gve up juz like dat..
there r still more tme 2 improve..
n within this tme i hope evrytg went well..
i hope i cn survive this competetive life...

n hope ill be gven d strength to make my way thru this "life test"...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another hectic day.... not much things that we did in the class...
as usual....NEW topics, NEW homeworks that never end...(sigh)
but not to worry still can survive this..

oo yeah..
we did speaking in ielts class just now...
at 1st i was in az n nedD group then we move to teddy group n finally i ran to lye yee's group..
just to find new experience (yeah rite):P
n we talk n talk n talk untill the class end..
Lye yee sure got a lot of stories..
now i know how talkative she is..( sorry lye yee) hehe..:)

well among all the stories that she spluttered out, one did attract me..
know what, she once knocked down someone last year..
its not some 'one' as she told me she hit 2 persons at a time..
wow.. i was quite amazed..
2 persons at a time n both of them r kids!!!!!!
but luckily non of them died..:P

well umm..
i was also shocked to hear that elly (one of my classmate)
said that she also once got knocked down by a car..
she got fractured bone at the ear ..
we all felt horrible when she said that blood is 'flowing ' like water out of her ears..
n nothing more serious except for bruises n so on..
but what make we all dissatisfy is when the person that knock her just leave her like that...
(what a jerk)..
only came back to see her few days after the accident...
but still elly doesnt care..coz she still get some money from that guy..hehe..
rite elly???? :D

i think thats all...
next time 'll be back wif another news...
:) salam...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Run 4 charity...


what a hectic day today..

its not becoz i join the charity run but..

umm..should i tell u this?


well..actually i'm run out of breath tday coz of 1 reasonable reason..


this morning az, me n dayah entered the haunted house in INTEC... a day b4 that we planned to scare off the 'ghosts'..

unfortunately we were the one who were tortured by them..


its so funny ...

evryone thought im the bravest among us n i felt like that too..

but..i totally freak out once i stepped into the house...

i was so like escaping from the house n tried my best to pull az too..

but she's so bz with her camera..


know what?

she said this to one of the ghost" jap jap nak mik gmbar jap"


i was like what she's doing..

i drag n drag her away as the ghost was trying to catch us..

n know what..

two ghosts ran for us n 1 telekung ghost pull my leg,..


n at the end of the journey, one ghost blocked our way..

we want to pass thru but so afraid to...

then, finally one of the person that guard the place said"bg je dorang lalu"..

at 1st he doesn't want to but after few seconds standing there finally he said"

ok la lalu jela"..

then we all rush toward the entrance n burst into laugh..

i also dont understand y we laughed..

it supposed to be a cry rite?


that's all bout haunted hause..

overall, the event was ok ...